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WordPress 3.2, auto update fail

The Wordpress auto update feature is superb; when it works. When it doesn't it can make you cry. Luckily there can be a quick fix.

Aloha Editor and WordPress

What could make Wordpress any better? What about the ability to edit your posts directly in the page? Yay!

A little bit of MicroJS

For some projects you may not need a fully featured JavaScript library. But what are the alternatives?

Fractal magic with WebGL

When you cross fractals with WebGL you're sure to catch my attention. Fractal Lab is a work of art!

Human History in 100 Seconds

What happens when you visualise 424,000 Wikipedia articles? A bloody good visualisation, that's what!

Google Fractalmaps

Google Labs hard at work on a particular interest of mine, fractal rendering.