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Back to my desk (down under)

As anyone who has worked on the web knows, a lot can change in three months. Time to get back to work and catch up with the latest goings on.

WordPress 3.2, auto update fail

The Wordpress auto update feature is superb; when it works. When it doesn't it can make you cry. Luckily there can be a quick fix.

Aloha Editor and WordPress

What could make Wordpress any better? What about the ability to edit your posts directly in the page? Yay!

A little bit of MicroJS

For some projects you may not need a fully featured JavaScript library. But what are the alternatives?

Fractal magic with WebGL

When you cross fractals with WebGL you're sure to catch my attention. Fractal Lab is a work of art!

Human History in 100 Seconds

What happens when you visualise 424,000 Wikipedia articles? A bloody good visualisation, that's what!