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jCarousel missing item width

jQuery has a host of carousel plug-ins available to use. jCarousel seems to be the most popular. A small error cause a few issues...

Goodbye Aptana, hello Komodo Edit

I've finally taken the plunge and I'm ditching Aptana IDE. I've been wanting to for a while but haven't found the right alternative.. until now.

JS1k: We have a winner!

Looking at the winners of the JS1k competition I really can't see how some of the entries have been produced! 1024 bytes goes a long way in JavaScript.

Drupal Love! Stuff I’ve learnt!

A little bit of Drupal knowledge goes a long way! This amazing open source CMS allows you to build large scale websites easily.

JS1k: Original source

Here's the original source code for my entry into JS1k for anybody who wishes to see how the simple particle demo was created.

JS1k: JavaScript Optimisations

How much functionality can you achieve using only 1024 bytes of JavaScript? Quite a lot it seems, you just have to slim down the code.

Learning HTML5 Canvas

You can buy all the books on visualisation technologies but what's the point if you never read them? Time to change that.