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Headspace2 JavaScript error

Post Thesaurus is broken.... oh wait no it isn't. Just a pesky JavaScript error from another plugin!

Snipplr under new management!

Snipplr was one of my favorite online coding tools until the new owners ruined it and let it stagnate. Now it's under new management!

High Resolution Icons for Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a superb feature called 'Create application shortcut...'. To polish off this feature with your web application use high resolution icons.

Wolf CMS: A fork of Frog CMS

I've used Frog CMS on small projects in the past and have been very impressed, but there looks to be a fork on the horizon...

Aptana on Steroids using Zen Coding

Zen Coding really is an incredibly simple idea, use CSS selectors to write HTML. It sounds like a chicken egg argument, but it really works.