Fortnightly internal newsletters

Frontend Fuel - Issue 11

Progressive web apps landed in Edge, Google is adding AMP support to emails and Chrome enables ad-blocking.

Frontend Fuel - Issue 10

Service workers as they land in macOS Safari and iOS Safari, Google Chrome is to implement image lazy loading natively, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 is now a Candidate Recommendation.

Frontend Fuel - Issue 9

The AMP team are making changes to how AMP URL's work, Google Chrome autoplay policies will change in January, TC39 recommends the use of semicolons to stop future ASI issues.

Frontend Fuel - Issue 8

Chrome to start blocking non-standard ads from Feb 15th, security issues with Intel CPU's and is Chrome becoming the new IE6?

Frontend Fuel - Issue 7

A huge security issue was recently tweeted, Google's AI built an AI that outperforms any created by humans, Google is shutting down Chrome Apps.

Frontend Fuel - Issue 6

Firefox 57 (Quantum) has been released, WebAssembly support is now shipping in all major browsers and OWASP top 10 security risks for 2017.

Frontend Fuel - Issue 5

Netflix removed client-side rendering using React, Samsung Internet 6.2 released, CSS Grid specifications landed with the release of Edge 16.

Frontend Fuel - Issue 4

Chrome to stop in-browser cryptocurrency miners, Firebug has now reached end-of-life, collaboration with Microsoft & Google around the MDN Web Docs.

Frontend Fuel - Issue 3

Edge is coming to iOS soon, Chrome 62 brings a whole bunch of new features to play with in the DevTools.

Frontend Fuel - Issue 2

World Wide Web Consortium abandons consensus, standardizes DRM with 58.4% support, React relicensed under MIT.

Frontend Fuel - Issue 1

Wordpress are to stop using React, Advertisers don’t like Safari's the new cookie blocking and auto-play to be disabled in Chrome 64.