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Reasons to be Bashful

Using a UNIX shell is all the rage nowadays, even Windows 10 are doing it!

Site update using Zurb Foundation 4

A lot can happen in two and a half years since my original build. Time to pull my sleeves up and make the old website responsive!

Auto-spacing input field text

I've never seen this functionality in any page I've used. Auto-spacing a credit card number as you type. I must admit I'm not a big fan of the idea, but lets build it anyway!

New country, new job!

After traveling through South East Asia for three months I've finally settled back into work. I've started a new job at an excellent digital agency called Visual Jazz Isobar!

Writing efficient CSS selectors

With browsers getting faster all the time it's a good idea to remember that not everyone uses them. Writing efficient code is key to maximising device accessibility.

Back to my desk (down under)

As anyone who has worked on the web knows, a lot can change in three months. Time to get back to work and catch up with the latest goings on.

WordPress 3.2, auto update fail

The Wordpress auto update feature is superb; when it works. When it doesn't it can make you cry. Luckily there can be a quick fix.

Aloha Editor and WordPress

What could make Wordpress any better? What about the ability to edit your posts directly in the page? Yay!

Game On London 2010

Mozilla Labs and Six to Start put on a great evening event in Shoreditch dedicated to the future of Open Web Gaming.

Periodic Mashup

The web is becoming very exciting at the moment. Come up with an interesting idea and just build it. Open data is the future!

Full Frontal 2010

After attending Full Frontal 2009 I didn't want to miss out on this great conference in 2010.

Goodbye Aptana, hello Komodo Edit

I've finally taken the plunge and I'm ditching Aptana IDE. I've been wanting to for a while but haven't found the right alternative.. until now.

Drupal Love! Stuff I’ve learnt!

A little bit of Drupal knowledge goes a long way! This amazing open source CMS allows you to build large scale websites easily.

Learning HTML5 Canvas

You can buy all the books on visualisation technologies but what's the point if you never read them? Time to change that.

Snipplr under new management!

Snipplr was one of my favorite online coding tools until the new owners ruined it and let it stagnate. Now it's under new management!

High Resolution Icons for Google Chrome

Google Chrome has a superb feature called 'Create application shortcut...'. To polish off this feature with your web application use high resolution icons.

Adding Content using CSS3

With CSS3 it is now possible to add content to the page only using CSS. The content / layout lines are blurring just a little...

CodeColorer Auto Expanding Code

Added a little feature to the CodeColourer Wordpress plug-in on my website that I'd thought I'd share with people.

jQuery Plug-in: Tab Down

Simple plug-in for hiding content above the page which is shown by clicking a tab.

WordPress and Feedburner Woes

For a while now Feedburner and the blogs RSS feed haven't been playing nicely, I finally figured out why.

More Frog CMS Magic

Frog CMS can be made even simpler to implement with a couple of handy little code snippets.

The tools of my trade

You don't need a hammer and nails when you're a web developer. You do need your own set of tools thought . And maybe a tool belt...

My first blog post…

Huzzah! Finally decided to do something with this domain. You have to start somewhere, my first blog post.