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Site update using Zurb Foundation 4

A lot can happen in two and a half years since my original build. Time to pull my sleeves up and make the old website responsive!

WordPress 3.2, auto update fail

The Wordpress auto update feature is superb; when it works. When it doesn't it can make you cry. Luckily there can be a quick fix.

Aloha Editor and WordPress

What could make Wordpress any better? What about the ability to edit your posts directly in the page? Yay!

Headspace2 JavaScript error

Post Thesaurus is broken.... oh wait no it isn't. Just a pesky JavaScript error from another plugin!

CodeColorer Auto Expanding Code

Added a little feature to the CodeColourer Wordpress plug-in on my website that I'd thought I'd share with people.

WordPress and Feedburner Woes

For a while now Feedburner and the blogs RSS feed haven't been playing nicely, I finally figured out why.