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Reasons to be Bashful

Using a UNIX shell is all the rage nowadays, even Windows 10 are doing it!

Site update using Zurb Foundation 4

A lot can happen in two and a half years since my original build. Time to pull my sleeves up and make the old website responsive!

Auto-spacing input field text

I've never seen this functionality in any page I've used. Auto-spacing a credit card number as you type. I must admit I'm not a big fan of the idea, but lets build it anyway!

HTML5 date input type on mobile

While developing a new mobile website I ran into an annoying issue while validating the input. Here's a solution, not nice but it works!

New country, new job!

After traveling through South East Asia for three months I've finally settled back into work. I've started a new job at an excellent digital agency called Visual Jazz Isobar!

Writing efficient CSS selectors

With browsers getting faster all the time it's a good idea to remember that not everyone uses them. Writing efficient code is key to maximising device accessibility.

Design for Developers

Design is hard! Well it is for me anyway. Here's a brilliant slideshow for developers to point you in the right direction.